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About Us

Loving Care Home Services has been serving families since 1998.  We strongly believe in paying close attention to the specific needs of each individual family. Having a good experience with a nanny must begin with making a good match between the personality, philosophies, and values of the family and the nanny. Because we strongly believe this, we encourage you to have a representative from Loving Care visit your home to assess your needs and collect the necessary information about your family.  We also provide you with a wealth of information regarding all aspects of hiring a nanny.  We are proud to say that of those families, who have given us total placement responsibility, we have placed 97%.  Our placement staff is personally committed to each family every step of the way. The relationships created between the families and caregivers typically end up being lifelong, cherished bonds. We know how important it is to find reliable, trustworthy staff to provide support, and free up the precious hours we spend with our families.

Process for Finding a Family

  • Contact Loving Care Home Services by phone or contact link

  • Loving Care Home Services will meet with potential candidates for a face-to-face interview to determine if they will be a good fit for our families.  Loving Care Home Services will discuss with caregiver the type of positions you are searching for, ages you feel comfortable with and we will match you based on this information as well as personality fit

  • Loving Care Home Services will refer quality caregivers to families that we feel would be a good fit

  • Loving Care Home Services will conduct a background investigation including, but not limited to criminal history, driving record, sexual offender registry, and credit check.

  • Loving Care Home Services will conduct Reference Checks

  • Families will contact caregivers for an interview

  • If both parties are interested we recommend a four hour working interview

  • Loving Care Home Services will help with establishing a written work agreement outlining the duties of the caregiver and the family

  • Family hires Caregiver

  • Please note we will not charge caregivers for helping find a placement.

Screening Process

Loving Care Home Services represents experienced, knowledgeable, verifiable nannies with solid backgrounds. A reputable agency will provide between 8 & 15 pages of information per applicant. An incredible amount of important details are dealt with on a daily basis in our screening process. We feel as an agency, if one of those details gets missed, your child's safety may be compromised. We are not willing to take that chance.  Our extensive screening process allows Loving Care Home Services and families to carefully view the caregivers' personal file.  An estimated 70% of interested applicants do not make it through our screening process.   With that in mind you can be assured that the applicants that we do refer to you are top of the line.


The following items are minimum requirements to be a caregiver with Loving Care Home Services:


  • 18 years of age

  • non-smoker

  • minimum of high school education

  • 1 yr. of professional childcare experience in a daycare center or as a nanny

  • able to legally work in the United States

  • have references that can be verified

  • have or willing to certify 1st aid and CPR

  • own a reliable vehicle

  • have insurance on your vehicle

  • Loving Care Home Services will conduct a background investigation including, but not limited to criminal history, credit history, driving record, sexual offender registry, and social security number verification

  • must be reliable, trustworthy, honest, professional, and have good work ethic

Each perspective applicant also undergoes the following process:


We begin with our 5-page application that covers past employment, childcare references, character references, developmental activities, health care and a short essay on their view of discipline according to three age categories.


Each applicant must then spend 1 to 2 hours in a personal interview. There are four main purposes of this in-depth interview:

To go over the application to ensure there is no missing information.

To discuss the development and discipline areas of the application to ensure the applicant’s understanding of the information they wrote. 

To get to know the applicant as much as possible. We are very personable in our interviews with the nannies. We are not only trying to find you a qualified nanny; we are searching for a similar personality match. During the interview we discuss morals and values, likes and dislikes, family background, and personal history as well.

While interviewing we are separating our nannies from our babysitters.  We are looking for nannies that will help with the growth and development of your child/children rather than watch it.

Reference Checking: 

Each childcare, employment, and character reference is phoned directly. Questions are geared to each individual applicant along with a set of standard questions that we ask. We take this portion of our screening very seriously. We will not hesitate to call a reference more than once during the screening process if we feel it is necessary.

Credit Checks: 

Did you know that when running a criminal check they do not match the individual name with their social security number? That means if you misspelled one letter of the person's name, the report would come up as "No Record Found?" That is one of the reasons why we feel it is imperative to run credit checks. This check matches the person's name, social security number and birth date. The credit check also gives us a list of past addresses so that we know what states to run the criminal background checks in. The actual credit history itself may give us some pertinent information also.

Criminal Background Checks:

A criminal background check is run in every state that the applicant has assumed legal residency in for the past 8 to 10 years.

Driving Record Checks: 

A driving record check is run on the applicant to verify they have a valid driver's license and to verify their driving history.


Please note these background checks are standard. Loving Care Home Services is willing to do any additional background checks at an additional charge.

The Process
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