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What makes Loving Care stand apart from other agencies? 


When choosing Loving Care, you can be confident that only experienced care specialists that are qualified to meet the needs of your family will be presented to you for employment consideration.  All of our caregivers are personally interviewed by our staff.  They all go through a rigorous screening process before ever being presented to you. You can be confident that we'll be there for you every step of the way.  Loving Care Home Services support also goes beyond after a placement is made. We focus on providing you with exceptional service, a high level of support, guidance, attention, and trust.  


What geographic territories does Loving Care Home Service serve? 


We cover the Twin Cities and all surrounding areas including Rochester.  We also cover the western part of Wisconsin.


Does the nanny have to live in our home? 


No.  In fact Loving Care Home Services primarily places live-out nannies. 


Where do you find your nannies? 


We hear from nannies who have received personal recommendations from nannies that have worked with us in the past. Nannies tend to network with other nannies.  We also get nannies from local colleges.  Many nannies contact us through our website. Since we have been in business for over 10 years we often get nannies that come back to work with us once their placement with the family is no longer needed.


Should I register with multiple agencies? 


This should not be necessary if you choose to sign up with our agency.  We have a large pool of available candidates and are constantly reviewing new resumes and holding daily interviews with potential hopefuls.  If you have unique circumstances that may be difficult to place, we will let you know.


How do you screen you candidates? 


Please see our Screening Process.


What happens if my nanny is sick and can't come to work? 


Please call us as soon as you discover a need for childcare and we can help you find a temporary caregiver for the day.  Typically all requests require a 4 hour minimum and we normally can have someone out into your home within 2 hours of your call.  Caregiver rates are $12-15 per hour.  Agency rates for the day would be $15.  We will provide you with an after hours number should your call come in while our office is closed.


Will our family be able to interview the caregiver before hiring?


Absolutely! We want you to feel completely comfortable walking out your front door to go to work.  You can arrange to meet the caregiver in the comfort of your own home. After the interview if both parties feel like it would be a good match we encourage both parties to arrange for a four hour working interview. If at this point you are interested in moving forward you can even negotiate the salary and conditions directly with the caregiver.


How long does it take to find a caregiver?


This can take anywhere from 24 hrs to six weeks.  Our average placement search to hire duration is about three weeks.  We have screened and processed candidates available for hire. Your specific criteria will determine whether or not one of the candidates is the right one for you.  Your family will need time to interview, do a trial day, work out an agreement, negotiate salary, etc.  We pride ourselves on having a strong reputation for high quality candidates.  One of the benefits of working with us is that you will not be consumed by sorting through a lot of unsuitable applicants. We value your time with your family. We will work together to find you the best caregiver for your family in the most efficient time.


Taxes scare me what should I do?


We have built a strong relationship with a payroll company called Paychex. Our specialist is Sara.  Give her a call at 612.423.6659 and she will put your mind at ease.  


Do the candidates have their own transportation?


All of our candidates must have their driver's license and a clean driving record.  In order to work with us, they also need to have a reliable, insured vehicle.


What kind of experience do your nannies have?


All of our nannies have three childcare references.  Their childcare background can be from a variety of experiences.  They may have previous nanny experience, daycare or school positions and babysitting experience.  Most of our nannies have college backgrounds in early childhood, elementary education, or child psychology.


Do you require your childcare and elder care providers to be CPR certified?


We prefer that our caregivers are First Aid and CPR certified.  We ask that caregivers that don't hold current certifications obtain that within the first 60 days of employment.


What is your Guarantee? 


We offer a 4 month guarantee period.  If for some reason things do not work out in the first four months, there will be no additional charges to find you a replacement.  

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