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A Happy Healthy Nanny in the Midst of a Pandemic

A Happy Healthy Nanny in the Midst of a Pandemic

It’s the number one question somedays isn’t it? How do you go to work and put on a happy face when you feel so burnt out right now. How do you find joy in playing with the kids, and then what do you have left to give at the end of the day to those who also matter in your life?

Research shows some key strategies that are simple to do that can help boost the mood and put a smile back on your face.

Hydrate...lots of water every day.

Meal prep on the weekend to eliminate that task for the week. It will allow you more relaxation time after work.

Exercise...just a quick 15 minute brisk walk helps brighten the mood!

Meditating or praying… I use an app called AURA and I love it! It keeps me grounded so much since I started. (It does cost...but my mental health is so much better)

Journaling...put your thoughts on paper and get them out of your head.

Drawing ….you don’t need to be an artist..I have found that no matter my mood, putting a colored pencil to paper can help me express so many of my emotions.

Watch a comedy...give yourself something fun to laugh at.

Take a bubble bath...relax

Shopping!! Who doesn’t love a little retail therapy even if it is only on-line for now. Treat yourself to another pair of your favorite yoga pants for work, or buy yourself a cute little sweater and dress up a little bit more for work. The way we dress really affects how we think and feel about ourselves. Get your nails done or get your hair done. Just remember to be kind to yourself too, what we buy doesn’t have to break the bank, just something little can go along ways to boost our mood.


If your employers have you keeping a small social circle find a close friend that you can make plans with on a regular basis. Cook a meal, watch a movie, have a craft night, play a game or just hang out and chat! Also joining a facebook group for nannies can give you a sounding board. Even zoom a happy hour.


Practice gratitude for yourself and others. Keep a gratitude journal, make a positivity jar and pull a slip from there every day, say “hello” as you pass by others since we can’t share a smile from behind our masks. Saying “hello” will brighten your day as well as the stranger you just passed by. We all need a kind word in this crazy pandemic we call life now.

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