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Are you a basic nanny or a go beyond nanny?

“Basic” Nanny vs “Go Beyond” Nanny

I might be touching on a controversial subject here, but let’s take time to ask ourselves “which one am I” first.

Having been a career nanny for 30 plus years I can honestly say I have fit into both of these categories in my career. I now have the interesting position of not only having been able to look at my own career, but evaluating what kind of nanny someone else is in my job as a nanny placement/recruiter.

So let me start out by saying after many conversations with nannies and families over the years what the opinion, and it’s only that, of what a ”basic” nanny is.

The “basic” nanny, while she loves her job likes to stick directly to a contract or what she feels her responsibilities are.

Show up on time

Provide care for the kids, meals, naps, activities,

Clean up areas used throughout the day

Communicate with the family in a professional manner

Laundry for the kids

Transportation to necessary job requirements

I’m sure I have missed many in the list, but you get the idea. The “basic” nanny sticks to her duties. Maybe it’s because you’ve been burned in your career by a family who when you went the extra mile it became expected. Maybe it’s because you are just getting into your career and are still learning how to keep yourself protected and yet show a family how much you love your job. Both very valid points.

So what would nannies or families consider the “go beyond” nanny?

There is an extra load of laundry to fold and you have downtime...fold it

The pet bowl is dirty or empty...take care of it

There is a package on the front step….bring it in

There is extra dishes left from their meal….clean it up

The toy room could use some organization...organize it

The floor could use an extra sweep….sweep it

Your family is planning for guests/party….help straighten the house or run an errand to the store.

You get the idea. So how do we become that “go beyond” nanny without it becoming expected on a regular basis? It starts with great communication! Having a contract in place, and building a trusting relationship that is a two way street.

When you have these 3 things in place you won’t have to worry about being “taken advantage” of. When it’s a healthy relationship between nanny/employer you develop a natural ebb and flow of give and take. You realize it takes a village to raise these kids and you are part of that village. You are also teaching these kids that are watching and listening that it’s not a bad thing to go “above and beyond” in life without having to have the acknowledgement or the compensation at times. We do it because it helps make someone else’s day go a little smoother.

So I ask you to ask yourself which nanny are you? Which one do you want to be?

Whichever one you choose is 100% your choice and we all have our reasons that are not to be discredited by others, but if you want to be the “go beyond” nanny and you're not, what can you change about what you are currently doing?

I will also tell you from my experience the “go beyond” nanny get’s amazing references, higher offers in wages, multiple job offers at she owns the playing field when choosing who she wants to work for. Don’t get me wrong the “basic” nanny also will get great references but there is a pattern of differences in job offers. So if you are a “basic” nanny and you have the ability or the desire to become the “go beyond” nanny I encourage you to do so!

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