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Don't get tricked while treating! Here are some Halloween safety tips.

Every scare is fun on Halloween, except when it comes to our kids. Here are 6 treats (not tricks) to keep your kids safe this Halloween.

  1. Trick or treating is all about location, location, location. For that reason, maybe your child should dress up as a real estate agent and offer scary high interest rates. Just kidding, but what would be a safe option as a parent is to pick the perfect location. That would be one that is illuminated at night. From now until October 31, pay attention to what neighborhoods have city lights and the ones that do not. Pick wisely.

  2. Give the kids glow sticks and flashlights. Maybe you can even make it part of their Halloween costume. How cute would your 6 year old be dressed up as a firefly. Or maybe your ambitious 8 year old wants to be a surgeon and their scrub hat can include a bright headlamp. (You can purchase headlamps on Amazon or find at your local Walmart.)

  3. Ditch the mask and use face paint instead. Masks obstruct vision. This is the last thing we want when our little ones are running in the dark. Which brings me to my next point…

  4. Cross the street at corners and crosswalks.

  5. Who remembers the infamous Minnesota Halloween Blizzard of 1991? Weather is sometimes our biggest enemy here in the North when we are underprepared. Try to incorporate warmer clothes into the costumes. Buying long sleeve shirts or leggings in like colors is an easy way to avoid sniffles the following day.

  6. This is my personal favorite... Join your kids! To make this fun, drive a little bit out into the more rural parts of your community. I know, I just told you to stay by the city lights. BUT if you are with your child, driving them there, go to these country houses because you know what you will find? Kind country folk who have been WAITING for you all night. And you know what they’ll have? King size candy bars and a huge smile on their face.

Stay safe out there and enjoy your BOOtiful memories with your family.

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