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Time to Celebrate Dad


He never looks for praises. He’s never one to boast. He just goes on quietly working for those he loves the most. His dreams are seldom spoken. His wants are very few. And most of the time his worries will go unspoken. He’s there. A firm foundation through all our storms of life. A sturdy hand to hold in times of stress and strife. A true friend we can turn to when times are good or bad. One of our greatest blessings. The man we call dad.

Are you ready to celebrate the dad in your life? Because Father’s Day is right around the corner.

If you are not ready, don’t worry! We are here to help you out.

Today I am going to share:

  • 5 crafts that you can easily involve your kids in

  • 5 gift ideas for any father figure

  • 5 activities to make the day special

  • 5 breakfast ideas

Let’s get started in your Father’s Day preparations!

Five Father’s Day Crafts

Crafts are a fantastic way to get your children involved in the gift-giving process. And dads love the personal touch each craft will hold. Because each one will be unique, just like the child who made it. Handmade crafts from children are often the most cherished gift a parent receives.

Five Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts are always a great way to express your appreciation for someone you love in your life. And Father’s Day is no exception to that. Maybe you are a DIY gifter, or maybe you prefer to purchase something all ready to gift. Below are great options for both.

Five Father’s Day Activity Ideas

Take advantage of this special holiday, and do something fun with the dad in your life! Create memories while spending time with one another.

  • Movie Marathon- Is dad a movie buff? Let him choose his favorite movie, set up a popcorn and snack buffet, and spend time watching a favorite movie.

  • Go Hiking- Get outdoors, choose a local park, and spend time in nature.

  • Park Day- Head to a local park to spend the day! Bring a picnic, a frisbee, and enjoy the scenery together.

  • Go Fishing- Does the day in your life love to go fishing? Then spend the day enjoying that hobby together.

  • Daddy’s Choice- Let dad choose the activity! Make the day all his. Whatever he wants to do that day, let him choose!

Five Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas

What man does not enjoy being pampered with some special food for the day? Really go out for breakfast, and spoil him with some new recipes.

Have fun and good luck in making the perfect day for dad! Also, please share with us how you plan to spend the day celebrating dad.

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