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Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Mamas, I know you are in FULL nesting mode right now. As women we have this innate desire to prepare, if not over-prepare, to bring our little one home. There are a million blogs on Instagram and Pinterest about what to bring, and when I was packing my hospital bag with my first, I couldn’t believe how long the lists were. For that reason, I came up with this list— the essentials. Everything else you bring is for your comfort and peace of mind.

1. A car seat

2. Your pregnant self

That’s honestly it. Hopefully, that tiny list gave you a laugh and allowed you to take a deep breath. BECAUSE if you forget everything or if your water breaks at a wedding when you are 3 hours from home it really will be okay. The hospital gives you everything as long as you supply them with the baby first. Okay just kidding, here’s the real list. For Baby:

  1. A car seat

  2. Going home outfit (bring outfits in different sizes! I was SHOCKED when I birthed a preemie size baby at 39 weeks.)

  3. First picture outfit (check Caden Lane)

  4. Sign for the baby name Announcement

  5. Blanket

  6. Hat

For Mom:

  1. Nursing bra (I am obsessed with the Auden cross nursing bra from Target. I have it in every color)

  2. Comfy undies or disposable underwear (I wore the Frida disposable underwear the first 3 weeks postpartum)

  3. Frida peri bottle

  4. Comfy clothes in your 6-month pregnancy size (Stars Above line from Target is my favorite. If you are having a c-section be mindful of where the waistband falls)

  5. Socks or non-slip socks

  6. Toiletries (think going to your parents for the weekend not Vegas for a bachelorette party)

  7. Towel

  8. Pillow and blanket

  9. A phone charger that is super long (I used a 10ft)

  10. Headphones

  11. Your Bluetooth speaker (I made a push playlist and played this during my 40-hour labor….. it helped… kind of)

  12. Outfit for a picture with the baby

  13. Chapstick

  14. Snacks

For Dad/Birthing Partner:

  1. Definitely not a PlayStation. Your partner is there to support you, not to be entertained.

  2. Extra change of clothes

  3. Toiletries

  4. Phone charger

  5. Laptop

  6. Outfit for picture with baby

  7. Pillow and blanket

  8. Snacks (your room should have a fridge. So even if your partner wants to bring meals, that might be smart so they don’t have to order fun or run to the store or chipotle)


  1. HDMI chord (I was induced and I didn’t go into labor for about 12 hours. My hubby and I would’ve liked to relax and watch Netflix or a movie)

  2. Blow dryer

  3. Slippers

  4. Pacifier (my baby personally loves the MAM brand)

  5. Any prescription meds you are taking. Your doctor may want to order them from the pharmacy while you are there, or you can bring them to be safe.

Anything else that you think of is truly extra. Remember, all you need is a car seat and your amazing body. You were made for this moment and to create this beautiful little life. LOVING CARE HOME SERVICES IS A NANNY SERVICE IN THE ST. PAUL/MPLS METRO AREA.

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